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Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles offer from our company is the biggest and all round offer on the market. We can offer tiles with different dimensions and final treatment. Ceramic tiles from our company are famous with their quality, which guarantee some of the biggest and most famous names from ceramic industry. We can offer tiles with different characteristics (ceramic, porculan), different purpose (indoor, outdoor, industry, swiming pools etc.) and also the different styles, from rustical decor tiles to modern tiles.

Sanitary facilities, equipment and bathroom furniture

Sanitary facilities and bathroom equipment manufacturers from our offer are one of the biggest and most prestigious names from industry, and thanks to their extremely wide range of products we are able to offer you the highest quality products to suit every style and taste: sinks, bidets, toilets and urinals, bathtubs and showers, cabinets, mirrors, shelves…from equipment for small toilets in restaurants, bathrooms and sanitary facilities in your private or bussines premises to equipment for hotels and luxury apartments built to the highest standards of hygiene today. Also we can offer sanitation and professional equipment for prisons and hospitals, where we represent leading manufacturers of such equipment.


Wellness equipment is diverse and includes a wide range of products for home and professional use. Thus we offer massage bath tubs, pools and saunas from companies like Jacuzzi and Villeroy & Boch. Imagine a sauna that fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle. Villeroy & Boch offers two modes for the full experience of sauna in your home: SA and SX lines sauna. SA line is fully fit even in the tightest spaces while also providing the best of the sauna. SX line provides all the luxury that you ever wanted. Both lines are available with us with a wide range of functions that allow you to compose your perfect sauna.

Sanitary facilities for special objects

In our offer you can find a manufacturer of sanitary equipment for prisons, hospitals, airports, sports facilities, shopping centers, gas stations and other facilities where there is a high frequency of people. Thanks to their wide range of products we are able to offer you the highest quality products, such as special shells, batteries, showers and other equipment for the high-frequency objects.

Taps and showers

Mixers of German companies Hansgrohe (AXOR) and Dornbracht, represent the top of world supply trucks. Highlighting its quality that guarantees a long tradition of manufacturing and innovation in manufacturing processes, and delightful design signed by some of the biggest names in industrial design such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud, etc.



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